Our Future Goals

Friendilo's Vision

Revolutionizing Charitable Impact with Innovative Automation

At Friendilo, our vision is to redefine philanthropy through the power of innovation. Formerly known as TrustHighway, our app is on a mission to transform the traditional charity model by introducing an automated system fueled by cutting-edge AI technology. Our goal is to extend a helping hand to those in genuine need, and to achieve this, Friendilo employs a meticulous verification system to ensure assistance reaches the right individuals. This unique AI charity system eliminates irrelevant and bogus cases, streamlining the process for a more targeted and efficient impact.

Download our app and give technology the chance to make a difference. Whether you choose to contribute alone or through group support, Friendilo empowers you to raise funds at any time of the year, making charitable giving accessible and impactful.

Friendilo is not just about individual giving; it’s a comprehensive platform where you can track all donation campaigns. Gain transparency by filtering campaigns based on city, recipient organization, and more. Every contribution you make is tracked with crystal-clear precision, ensuring that your generosity creates a positive and visible impact.

Looking beyond individual donors, Friendilo is also developing a charitable outsourcing platform for companies, individuals, and organizations. Our aim is to create a frictionless process, leveraging the latest technologies to build a fairer and more sustainable charitable ecosystem.

Join us in making a difference, one automated act of kindness at a time. Help us empower at-risk communities and organizations globally by providing free-of-charge services, all while our AI handles the tasks they’d rather not, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Together, let’s save human resource costs, manage risks, and push the boundaries of charitable impact with Friendilo.

What We Do?

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We offer a full line of charity to solve the problems exist in the world. We works so hard on the causes we are supporting. We want all of you in the mission. We offer a full line of charity to solve the,